Doolittle Doing Well


As several Oakland A’s fan know, pitcher Sean Doolittle has been on the DL (disabled list) for the month of May with a shoulder strain.

Fortunately, Sean could be looking to return as soon as the next home series.

“I’m getting close to coming back, I’m set to make another rehab appearance on Friday in Stockton,” explains Doolittle. “Progress was slow in the beginning, and it’s an injury you base on feel. It you set yourself to be back at a certain date or pitch a certain game, and don’t reach that milestone, you get super frustrated and have to answer to the media. But I’ve seen a huge improvement since throwing against live batters on Friday and hope to be back this next home stand, but I don’t know how realistic that is.”

Doolittle threw 19 pitches during extended spring training May 30, striking out four of the six batters he faced.