The Dark Knight Rotating?


Where’s Matt Harvey? I’m not a New York Mets fan (go Tigers), so anytime I can see a semi-impressive Harvey performance followed shortly by a quirky antic or disaster makes me happier than Greg Popovich belittling a reporter.

Steven Matz and Seth Lugo are coming back soon, so how do you get the best of a hot headed Harvey? Drop him to a closer.

I know the Dark Knight is still pretty peeved about the Adriana Lima/Julian Edelman situation. Let him really work off some steam of that mixed in with being demoted by punishing the catcher’s mitt. Let him picture Edelman’s smug mug centered in Rene Rivera’s glove and watch as batters strike out swinging late on 100 mph pitches.

Better yet, next time "Mighty Matt" is starting on the mound, have Mr. Met walk around flip him the bird, and duct off to the nearest exit.

Read between the lines, Harvey. Read between the lines.

I love the controversy that has found the Mets this season. The best part: it’s only June.

Are the Mets winning a world series this year? No. Are they the most dysfunctional team in the Majors? Debatable. So why not starting gunning for the title of ‘The WWE of the MLB? The Knicks basically did.