What's the real situation with the Yankees?

You know at the beginning of the 2017 season, the Yankees had a very good solid April and May but a really bad June and July.  Those latter two months included them making moves to fill holes on their roster by acquiring guys like Sonny Gray from Oakland.  Also, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle from the White Sox.  Todd Frazier was included with the two pitchers in that deal to solve the Yankees 1B issues.  They weren't done there as they also added Jamie Garcia from Minnesota for rotation depth.  Unfortunately for the Yankees, that move hasn't worked out as well as they had hoped as Garcia has had his fair share of struggles since arriving in the Bronx. 

The real question is what’s going on?

The Yankees weren’t expected to compete for the playoffs until next year as they experience a bit of a retooling with the addition of many young players and ridding themselves of big contracts.  This way of doing business is the total opposite of former owner the late George Steinbrenner. 

What nobody expected was how quick the Yankees prospects would adjust to the Majors.  The emergence of Gary Sanchez last year and Aaron Judge this year has really put the Yankees ahead of where they expected to be.  The emergence of the prospects isn't the only thing that has gotten the Yankees to this point, some crafty trading by GM Brian Cashman has as well.  Cashman acquired outfielder Aaron Hicks for backup catcher JR Murphy and Hicks has hit .265 with 13 homeruns and a .367 OBP this season.  Additionally, Cashman acquired infielder Starlin Castro from the Cubs for what now amounts to pennies on the dollar.  Cashman hasn't just focused on the major league team when making trades as the deals for Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier prove.  Even with the emergence of the kids the Yankees still have some others waiting for their call.  The most important of those prospects is probably pitcher Chance Adams.

While the Yankees won't be World Series bound this season, they seem to be on the right track and their future looks bright thanks to the crafty moves of longtime GM Brian Cashman.  With Joe Girardi on the last year of his deal, I wonder if he will be given the chance to lead the team into its bright future or if they will bring in someone else like Mike Scioscia for example.

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