Is Derrick Lewis ready?

Derrick Lewis made his pro debute agaisnt Nick Mitchell in WG "Worldwide Gladiator", he ended the fight via vicious TKO. His next fight would be against Shawn Jordan where he would lose the decision.  He would also have to fight him again in the UFC in a unforgettable fight that anybody could remember.  In his last fight in the UFC where he fought Travis Browne he showed that he has the heart and he was able to continue after he suffered two broken ribs to finish the fight via TKO.

 Lewis is schedule to fight Mark Hunt at UFC FIGHT NIGHT 110 who is a great kick boxer. He asked for this fight stating Hunt likes to stand in the middle of the cage and swing so he thinks it would be a great fight. But is he ready, whenever he has been matched up against a upper echelon talent he would lose. If he is going to win its going to be by being a bit careful and catching Hunt, who is very durable but can be stopped as seen it in his last fight with Overeem.

Lewis is an emotional fighter in my opinion as you see this in his last fight with Brown.  He had to get himself emotionally invested by talking about Browns past. I belive that's the reason he lost his second fight with Shawn Jordan, he was just too emotionally invested in the fight, it wasn't just a contest, it was a way to prove that he was the alpha male perhaps.

With Hunt he's just there to fight so it should be a war of heavyweights and in my opinion the fight of the night.  Lewis likes to say he's the hevyweight with the most heart and be the hardest hitter. A lot of people believe Hunt is labeled as the hardest striker in the division. That said, at UFC Fight night 110 we will all get to see if "The Black Beast" is ready for the top five and how big his heart really is.

Dawood Singleton