McGregor/Mayweather made us forget about the real match-up: McGregor Diaz Part III


A lot of you see the McGregor/Mayweather match-up for what it truly is: a quick money grab that thousands of us will pour money into, and will probably be a sub-par fight. Many of you know this isn’t really good for UFC or boxing (a sport as dead as the Latin language) and will end up with both fighters winning, and the fans and viewers losing.

But I love it. This is the most Hollywood, Rocky Balboa, bright light, fight of our lifetime. You have to applaud Dana White, while he acts like he doesn’t want this to happen, he realizes it derails attention from a fight he didn’t want even more than this one: Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s trilogy go-round. Dana White didn’t want these two to meet up three times, but he’s thanking his lucky stars that the score is 1-1. Now he has something to work with.

If by chance McGregor wins against one of boxing’s most disputed fighters, this match-up against Diaz will heat up faster than a July day on the beaches of hell. But like they say, you have to live in the moment. So I’m going to go read up on the history of boxing and MMA (so I can sound smart in front of my friends), pre-order the pay-per-view, and wait this one out.

A mixed martial art fighter and undefeated boxer matchup? Shut up and take my money already.