Mayweather vs McGregor: How we got here, and what happens now.

On June 14th 2017, at 5:30pm ET, the Boxing and MMA world shook as the long anticipated bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was finally made official.  It wasn’t easy and for a long time it looked like it may never happen.

On July 2, 2015, Conor McGregor was on Conan O’Brian and was asked if he would think about boxing Floyd.  This was one of the first times this fight was brought up, and since then it has just exploded.

Since that day there have been rumors, tweets, Instagram posts, and even a facetime conversation between Mayweather and Nate Diaz.  It seemed every breath these guys took added to the fuel.  Rumors started to pick up on June 14th of 2017 when Mayweather promotions reserved a venue in Vegas.  On June 13th McGregor tweeted “Something BIG is coming”.

Now that the fight is official what does this mean.  The two will face off on August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, in what the Vegas odd makers already have as a lopsided bout.  On Nov 17th McGregor opened at a +950 underdog, and on June 14th he is a +500 underdog.  Mayweather hasn’t competed since September of 2015 so we will see if he has slowed down at all.

Overall, this will be must watch television and something that every boxing and MMA fan will be tuned in for.

Peter HugueninComment