Stop It! Bellator is nowhere near the level of the UFC

             After Bellator 180 and Bellator NYC (first of all it’s stupid that they made this out to be two separate cards, call it what it is prelims, and main card) people are talking about how Bellator is finally getting on the level of the UFC.  This is absolutely ridiculous for many reasons!

              First off, the fact that they won’t have another decent card for the rest of the year is a struggle.  They will have some good fights, but as far as a complete fight card we won’t see it.  They stacked up this card to put almost every single big name they have. They would only be able to make one card like this a year, where the UFC puts on 8-10 great events every year, and even the free fights UFC puts on are better than Bellator’s normal events.

              Second, is the semi-unprofessionalism feeling in the event.  I don’t know if they thought it was funny, or if they thought people would get excited, but Brendan Schaub yelling about “two main events” was ridiculous.  It is just senseless to say that you have two main events.  You have one main event, and the undercard.

              Third, their “main events” were made up of someone who might not be a top five fighters in their weight class, and three fighters past their prime. Wanderlei and Fedor are shells of what they used to be, and Sonnen is no longer the fighter that almost beat a prime Anderson Silva.  While fighters such as Larkin, Lima, Chandler, Bader, and Davis are all quality fighters that can compete with anyone, Bellator won’t even put them in the main event on their biggest card.

              Lastly on the biggest card Bellator has ever had, by no fault of their own, they had the strangest vibe a card has ever had.  Aaron Pico was supposed to be the next big thing, and was hyped up more than almost anyone on the card, only to be submitted in 24 seconds by a guy whose name wasn’t mentioned once by Bellator until he was introduced by the ring announcer.  Brent Primus vs Michael Chandler had one of the strangest stoppages of all time when Chandler badly injured his ankle due to a legal strike. The ref gave a timeout to Chandler which is not supposed to happen in any combat sport.  The ref called it off after it was apparent that Chandler could barely walk. This is another horrible move by the NY fighting commission but that's for another post.  Finally, Mitrione vs Fedor almost had a double knockout, but Matt Mitrione recovered quicker and was able to stop Fedor.  Just a weird feel to the whole PPV.

              While Belator can be exciting, and has some quality fighters, they are nowhere near the level of the UFC.  Enjoy Belator for what it is, a B-level promotion.