Another International Fight Week, Another Sacrifice to the MMA Gods: UFC 214 is the biggest card in MMA history.

Each year, Mixed Martial Arts, as a sport, grows and grows.  With last minute health risks and scares, the MMA fan base gets exposed to more disappointment with another main event taken away.  Let's reflect on some of the good things that have come from these cancellations; In the past three years, from UFC 189 to 213, one thing has been a common trend: the Main Event has had last minute alterations.  Jose Aldo pulled out of the fight within two weeks of  UFC 189, Jon Jones was pulled one day before weigh-in's, and now Amanda Nunes was pulled for a sinus infection and has been publicly told by Dana White, "She will not be used for any main events."

Take a second and think of a fight cancellation as a blessing in disguise.  I say "blessing in disguise" because a star fighter can shine much brighter and feuds can continuously build between opponents, making a fight more profitable.  Take Conor McGregor for example; he became one of the biggest stars in MMA with his fight against Chad Mendes in July 2015.  McGregor was also given the chance to fight against Jose Aldo in December 2015 and became a champion within 13 seconds of the fight.  When you look at UFC 200, the cancellation of Jones vs Cormier 2 was the biggest disappointment that took place in UFC history and was considered a black eye on the UFC for a whole year.  One of the top three feuds of UFC and MMA history is coming to ahead this month and everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the closure of the great feud between Jones and Cormier. 

The first fight between Jones and Cormier in January 2015 was the main event of UFC 182 and had a buy-rate of 800,000.  Still, three years after that first fight and 19 days away from UFC 214, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier remain at each others throats.  UFC 214 is stacked with two more titles: Cyborg vs Tonya Evinger, for the vacant Women's Featherweight Belt.  Additionally, Tyron Woodley vs Damian Maia, for the Welterweight Belt.  This is the one card that can outdo UFC 205.  As well, the added addition of Donald Cerrone vs Robbie Lawler, and looming title contender, Jimi Manawa.   It's safe to say that the casual fan will be exposed to what we, hardcore fans, have been waiting for since WME-IMG bought the UFC.