The Realistic Future of Conor McGregor

Next Saturday, August 26th, will go down as one of two things; the greatest upset in combat sports history or one of the worst money fights in boxing history.  Recently, footage of the spar session between Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor has raised more questions then answers.

Can McGregor, really out box one of the greatest defensive boxers of all-time?  No, simply put he cannot box a man that has spent his entire career on the defensive.  The bigger issue is that; following the fight, will McGregor retire from all combat sports?  One thing is for certain, his boxing future is definitely in limbo.  The truth is, fans, journalists, fighters and others, understand that this fiasco of a fight is only for money and has been stated as such by promoters. 

There are two ways I see this playing out and how his future will change.

If McGregor loses, nothing really changes at all to most people's delight. McGregor who has zero professional boxing fights, fought one of the greatest defensive fighters of all time.  He will still be a big asset to the future of MMA, and the success of the UFC.  The only thing he really should do is to make a star out of his opponent; look at how Nate Diaz was treated by the UFC brass with Dana White stating that "he's not a needle mover".  Now look at him, McGregor arguably made Diaz into a bigger star with his feud against him.  

If McGregor somehow wins, not only does he become the biggest star in combat sports history but all around the biggest star in any major sport.  Mayweather will campaign for a rematch and that will be the BIGGEST fight ever in boxing or MMA.  McGregor will take his name and brand like he has started doing with "McGregor Sports and Entertainment".  He will also holdup the UFC Lightweight Division up and will still be the only champion that has never defended his belt.

Mark my words, come August 26th someone's life will change and the future of boxing and MMA will be different.