Malignaggi & McGregor Have Heated Exchange At Vegas Press Conference

Today, at the press conference in Las Vegas promoting his fight with Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor had a heated exchange with his former sparring partner and former 2x boxing World Champion Paulie Malignaggi.  Video of the exchange can be seen here.

If you are unfamiliar with the situation, Malignaggi was brought into McGregors camp to help him prepare for the Mayweather fight.  However, after two sparring sessions Malignaggi left McGregors camp amid controversy over a knockdown in the second sparring session.  Since then, Malignaggi has put the McGregor camp on blast for the way he was treated during his time there.  However, today was the first time the two have come into contact in person with one another since Malignaggi departed his camp a little over two weeks ago.

With the heat these guys have generated there has been some talk of them stepping in the ring with one another depending on how McGregor looks on Saturday against Mayweather.  Personally, I would rather see McGregor go back to MMA.  However, McGregor would likely be in line for a nice pay day in a potential Malignaggi fight.  So, while I wouldn't find it ideal, it wouldn't shock me either.


Scott Clinco