The Prophecy of Jones 29:1

Jon Jones is undoubtedly, the greatest Light Heavyweight to ever grace the octagon.  His resume speaks for himself; Two time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, One time Interm UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and a MMA record of 24-1 with the loss coming from Matt Hamill by DQ.  Also, capping off one of the best feuds in MMA history with Daniel Cormier.

Yesterday, August 22nd, his biggest loss came at the hands of himself again; Jones has tested positive for an Oral Steroid called Turinabol, a steroid that was predominately used in the Olympics from the 60's to 80's by the East German teams.  Not only does this raise more questions, the biggest question is at hand, "What is Jon Jones's legacy?" To think just two years ago, everyone thought his legal troubles would end him but he somehow managed to get probation and continued to work to overcome his demons and reclaim his throne at the rightful king of the Light Heavyweight division. What we got was much like King Saul, thrown off of the throne for sacrificing his people for his own selfish reasoning.

Jon Jones has been given multiple chances by the UFC, journalists, fighters and the fans to earn our trust back and just like the last time, we were let down.  

The legacy of Jon Jones is simple, he's a man that has all the potential to be the greatest prizefighter ever but squandered his chances for drugs, alcohol and now PED usage. Jones at first, had the best image "The Christian Athlete."  Jones has always proclaimed that, "God is first, My wife and kids are second," when Jones put himself before his own beliefs and family.  When he finally won back the title from Cormier, I truly believed much like everyone else that we saw a changed human being before our very eyes and that his legacy was saved. 

Jones has proven to me, that we cannot ever trust him, even if his tongue was notarized.  If he does receive another ban from USADA, his career is officially done.  No one is waiting another four years for a Jon Jones come back, UFC will move on, MMA will move on, and more importantly the fans will move on from the shadow that was the curious case of Jon Jones.