CP3 to the Spurs?

Could superstar Clippers' point guard Chris Paul be headed to San Antonio? Marc Stein of ESPN reported that the Clippers are taking the Spurs' interest in CP3 "very seriously." Chris Paul is set to become a potential unrestricted free agent. Paul has the option of staying with the Clippers or using his early-termination option in his contract. By using the early-termination option, Paul would hit the open market and turn down a $24 million salary from the Clippers.

The Spurs currently do not have enough cap space to sign Paul, so they will need to make some changes to make this even a possibility of signing him. Chris Paul would obviously be a tremendous addition to the Spurs. The series against the Warriors showed how much Kawhi Leonard meant to the team. Without him, they were a totally different team that lacked scoring depth. Tony Parker also got injured early in the playoffs which didn't help matters. Paul would also be an excellent way to replace the aging Tony Parker. Paul was ranked 9th in the league in Player Efficiency Rating. Multiple teams will be interested in Paul if he decides to leave the Clippers so it will be a joy to watch this unfold.

Abhinav Kakumanu