Paul George/Kevin Love Trade? Butler Too? Porzingis?


This is the most excited I’ve ever been for an NBA off season!

LeBron James’ best friend in the front office (David Griffin) just made his exit after not getting a pay raise, and James has shared his appreciation for his former GM over Twitter (passive aggressively poking Dan Gilbert).  Gilbert now looks like the bad guy.  To keep the people of Cleveland happy, he now has to aggressively seek out Paul George (extremely attainable) AND possibly Jimmy Butler (mush less imaginable).  Both players would give the Cavs the firepower to arguably overthrow the Warriors of the West.

George could easily be traded for Kevin Love.  You can make the argument that Love will give the Pacers 23 points a game on average, and double-digit numbers in rebounds.  He’s also a former NBA Champion.  That being said, Kevin Love isn't getting the Pacers to the Finals on his own, but neither is Paul George.  And while Love may find some enthusiasm in playing with a new team in Indiana, you’ll find no such excitement from George, who would be gone after next year’s mediocre season performance.  Paul George adds nothing to the Pacer game at this point, he’s mentally checked out!

Why Jimmy Butler would leave the Bulls (besides the opportunity to play with LeBron) I have no idea.  He has a good unit with the Bulls, and if the Bulls we’re smart and wanted to make sure Jimmy would stay, they’d write a big time check and make it out to Chris Paul.  However, I wouldn’t fault Butler here.

In other news, the Knicks are considering trade offers on their best player in Kristaps Porzingis.  I don’t know if there’s something in the water up there, maybe it has something to do with wearing orange and blue, but problematic things are happening in New York.