Relax. It's King James' Throne


People probably figured this would happen. Happens a lot to LeBron James actually. Why is it that people cannot appreciate the presence of James? Already after two games of the NBA Finals, Paul Pierce hinted at what had his fellow analysts wondering what was in his drink…..

Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James

Hold your horse’s people please!  Now I will acknowledge that Kevin Durant is absolutely the second best basketball player in the world and is playing like a man possessed in these Finals thus far.  Let’s not forget that James is averaging a triple double and the supporting cast around the two superstars.  James is actually having a good finals but he’s disappearing in the dust of these Golden State Warriors.  If you were to put James on Golden State in place of Kevin Durant just think of the stats this man would drop.

Now, we’re not too sure what Paul Pierce was thinking when he said this. Is it because there is a sort of rivalry between the two players in the past? Maybe!  Or maybe some bad blood considering James has sent Pierce out of the playoffs the last three times they met? Possibly.  In all reality, Paul Pierce probably just got caught up in another absolutely great Finals performance from Kevin Durant and just so happened to overlook LeBron James’ triple double performance.  You know who else had a triple double performance?  Yeah, the man who brought Kevin Durant to Golden State, Stephen Curry.  With a squad like the Warriors with four future hall of famers it just makes the work load that much easier for Durant because I mean c’mon his point guard dropped a triple double.

James is playing in his 7th straight NBA Finals while Kevin Durant is in search for his first championship.  Two games in the NBA Finals where James is averaging a triple double with a double double in the first half of each game, is not changing who the best player in the world is.  I mean, let’s not let this collective mesh of talent the Warriors have deceive you.  James is a bad dude!  The baddest dude in the NBA.   Kevin Durant is nasty good, but not yet proven enough to take over the throne of the king.

Aaron Torres