The King's Next Move


Let’s think, hypothetically, toward the future if the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t win the NBA Finals. Better yet, lets look at the aftermath if they get swept. The Cavs will have lost to a team with a deeper bench, a better coach, and players who show up in crunch time. That last sentence is directed at J. R. Smith and Kyle Korver, who score a meager three points in game one, and along with Kevin Love are no where to be found when it comes to defense.

Even If Cleveland snags one game from Golden State, a five game decision leaves the Eastern Conference in disarray, and Lebron James looking to shift Love out and plug in a new playmaker.

That is, as long as Dan Gilbert lets him.

There’s not much Gilbert could want for in his life, much less another championship. He brought Cleveland one, he (along with Lebron) has fulfilled his promise to Cleveland, and he’s also paying out personnel like Mike Brown (who Lebron didn’t want) and J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson (I like Tristan, but he ain’t worth THAT much). Championship-caliber rosters cost big money, I’m just not sure how much money Gilbert want to keep coughing up.

Dan Gilbert and LeBron James have very different goals they hope to achieve. LeBron is chasing Michael Jordan, Dan Gilbert is not. Who ever said it’s Dan Gilbert’s responsibility to help Lebron reach this milestone? Lebron didn’t expect it, that’s why he left the first time. If Gilbert won’t open his pocketbook after a Finals loss this year, Lebron will recognize it again. He’ll make moves to a new city, a city hungry for a championship, with an owner desperate enough to sign off on whatever The King wants.