Tristan Thompson Out Rebounded by Steph Curry in Game 2

When Tristan Thompson was asked about how he expects Game 2 to go, Thompson said, "It's going to be a wrestling match. It's going to be a wrestling match, like WWE down there."

Well, if game 2 was a wrestling match, Thompson was upset not just be his counterpart, Draymond Green, but also the 6'3 Steph Curry. After 21 minutes of play the 6'9 center only managed to pull down four rebounds along with eight points on 4-of-7 shooting. Take a look at the list of players with more rebounds in the Finals than Thompson.

Kevin Love (CLE) — 28

LeBron James (CLE) — 26

Kevin Durant (GSW) — 22

Draymond Green (GSW) — 17

Stephen Curry (GSW) — 16

Klay Thompson (GSW) — 11

Iman Shumpert (CLE) — 9

Tristan Thompson (CLE) — 8

The lack of rebounds from Thompson is a problem for the Cavaliers. Since, outside of gathering offensive rebounds, his ability to score is limited and keeping him on the floor becomes a liability.

Tyron Lue recognized this in game 2, opting to play Channing Fyre for 11 minutes after not playing him a single minute in game one. Although a three-point specialist, Fyre lacks the size and toughness the Cavaliers need in the paint.

Last year in the finals Thompson averaged 10.3 points and 10.1 rebounds. If the Cavaliers want to even win one game, Thompson needs to show up with more than an encore performance from the 2016 finals.