Update: No longer excited about this NBA offseason.


Lets look at the good and bad (opinion based, obviously) of what's gone down in the NBA so far this offseason:

GOOD: Jimmy Butler to Minnesota, great for a budding Timberwolves team.  You've got Karl Anthony-Towns as your big and A Wiggins at the 2.  My guess is that Butler is now the "pack leader" (Get it? Because Timberwolves).

BAD: Chris Paul to the Rockets. Yes, the Rockets got better.  But can two alphas in Paul and Harden get along?  Hopefully, the fact that they are still stacked with talent will help differ from egos.  Also, another bad, Pat Beverly leaves.  I always thought Beverly was a good "enforcer." He was similar to a Dennis Rodman type player, not very big but scrappy.

GOOD: Knicks got rid of Phil Jackson, who with the direction he was headed looked like he was trying to get himself canned, and soon Derrick Rose.  But Carmelo Anthony might be on his way out as well.  I am not an Anthony fan, however, two impact players leave, and all of a sudden Kristaps Porzingis is on an island all alone along with James Dolan of course.

BAD: Cleveland AND Chicago.  I thought the Bulls were going to build around a young, freak athlete in Jimmy Butler but that proved to be incorrect.  Rajon Rondo might not get resigned, and I think Dwayne Wade signed because he wants to collect.  He knows he doesn't have much left in the tank.  Griffin fired, LeBron and Gilbert have found tension again, and poor Kyrie Irving just want to follow James and chase rings. But if James leaves, there's no chance Kyrie is getting those walking papers. Gilbert will do what he can to spite LeBron. 

Some meager notes, Blake collects the big check and stays with a team that has no chance, almost everyone in Golden State is staying in Golden State, and Paul George is joining Westbrook. Not sure what to make of that last one. Gordon Hayward left for Boston, but Kelly Olynyk is leaving so...