Russell Westbrook Undeserving MVP?


No, of course Russell Westbrook deserved the 2017 NBA MVP. In the 2016-2017 NBA season, Brodie put up freakish numbers, that honestly had some of us thinking he wasn't human.  He broke the record (that before him stood over 50 years) for the most triple doubles in a single season.  He single handedly led his team to the playoffs.  So, obviously I'm not saying Russell Westbrook isn't deserving, but is there someone who deserved it more?

While Russell Westbrook was putting up the greatest numbers of this season.  There is someone who I believe deserved this award just a bit more.  Of course, I am talking about the Runner-Up in NBA MVP voting James Harden.  Although Harden did not lead the league in scoring as well as average a triple-double, he fits the description of MVP just a bit better.  A Most Valuable Player (MVP) is a teammate who is so valuable to his team, without him they would be nothing. Westbrook did carry his team full of role players to the playoffs, but Harden lead the Houston Rockets to the 3rd best record in the Western Conference.  Harden had a cast around him similar to that of Russell Westbrook, and yet Harden propelled his team past Westbrook. 

Harden also led the League in Win Shares, a metric stat which shows how many wins one player is responsible for on his team.  He sat on top with 15.0 Win Share, while Westbrook was 5th with 13.1 Win Shares.  The Rockets had a better Plus/Minus with Harden on the court than the Thunder did with Westbrook on the court. 

At first glance, Russell Westbrook looks like the MVP!  However, when has this league ever been about first glances?  Although, Westbrook is an MVP caliber player, Harden is the true MVP of the NBA.