What to make of Josh Rosen (Op-Ed.)


Injuries, lack of production in big moments, and pre-season hype that was too big to match. That’s how we saw and can explain how a UCLA team that was predicted to closely contend for a PAC 12 championship back-peddled its way out of the top 20 last season. When there’s not much running back production and sub-par defensive play, you can expect to see Josh Rosen put a season on his back and play well to compensate, which he did, most of the time. His touchdown to interception ratio against Texas A&M leaves a highlighted blemish on his resume, but if we see even slight improvement across the board this year, Rosen will be a top 10 draft pick.

I don’t believe Josh Rosen’s talents and appearance will keep him from being a competent NFL quarterback. I think his maturity level might.

A F--- Trump hat worn at Trump National, that’s funny (depending on how you feel about our Commander in Chief). A hot tub in your dorm, that’s cool. Outspoken opinions on twitter, that’s confident. To an NFL scout, coach, or general manager, that’s a sign.

It’s a blessing in disguise for Rosen that he was able to witness the rise and fall of "Johnny Football" before he gets his shot at the NFL. Josh Rosen is a smart kid, and I don’t believe he’d succumb to Manziel-esqe mayhem in his career. However, when I see Rosen in a controversial hat on Donald Trump’s golf course, I see Manziel being kicked out of a University of Texas frat party he knew he wasn’t wanted at. Give me Rosen writing eye-raising tweets, and I’ll give you a Manziel who fired back at every twitter egg with a derogatory comment about him.

Similar backgrounds, same level of professional-level hype, same playing position. Lets just hope same career isn’t going to be one of the boxes we check.