Shane Doan, the one who stayed.

Loyalty in sports is a rare thing. More often than not we see star athletes leave for opportunities outside of the situation they are currently in. Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Alex Rodriguez, and Josh Norman are just a few of those examples. However, for the past two decades Shane Doan has spent every minute of his pro sports career with the Arizona Coyotes. (formerly the both the WinnIpeg Jets, and Phoenix Coyotes). Doan is an enigma, how many other athletes can we name that spent 20 years with the same team? Much less their entire career. 

That being said, Doan was informed this week by Arizona management that he was no longer in their plans; that they were moving on. Doan, who holds the individual records for the franchise in games played, goals, assists, points, and minutes played was let go without much thought. 

So, when it comes down to it, does loyalty really bring you anything as a pro athlete? Doan had multiple opportunities throughout his career to leave the Coyotes stayed put. Led the team to multiple playoff appearances, and even a Western Conference Finals appearance in the 2011-12 season. While its well known that Doan was going to play at the most one last season, he well now have to do so outside of his second home.

All of the above brings me to my final point. If owners aren't loyal to the players, should players be loyal back? It's well known that having a championship is the most important thing a player can do during his career. So why shouldn't Durant or Lebron give themselves the best opportunity to do so? Why shouldn't Bryce Harper join the Yankees? Don't get me wrong, I think loyalty in sports is, especially in today's sports world almost more impressive than actually winning a title. But we all know what athelets are judge on; and loyalty is far below rings.