McDavid is Having The Best Summer of His Life

Connor McDavid is having himself quite the summer. The 20-year old captain of the Edmonton Oilers started out the summer months by leading his team to the second-round of the playoffs. The Oilers lost in seven games to the Ducks, but even making it that far was further than most people had the young Oilers advancing. During the playoffs, McDavid had a large platform to show off just how talented he is as a player, as a leader, and as the future of the league.

The playoffs are over, and we fast forward to June 21, the night of the 2017 NHL Awards. The event was headlined by new jersey announcements for all teams, and the Vegas Golden Knights selecting their roster in the expansion draft. What seemed to get lost in the shuffle, at least after the fact, was the amount of hardware that Connor McDavid went home with. McDavid won the following awards:

  • Hart Trophy - MVP of the league
  • Ted Lindsay Award - Best player as voted by the NHLPA
  • Art Ross Trophy - Highest scorer in the regular season
  • NHL 18 Cover Athlete

Photo credit: EA Sports

Three major NHL awards, with one being voted on by your fellow players, and the cover for NHL 18 would be more than the highlight of any 20 year old’s summer. But the Summer of McDavid wasn’t finished yet.

In the days following the NHL awards, rumors of McDavid signing an extension started to spread. The general consensus was McDavid’s extension would be $13.25 million AAV for 8 years, making it a total of $106 million. However, what always followed those rumors was that nothing was “official,” and McDavid and the Oilers were still were working to finalize the extension.

Then on Wednesday, July 5th, it became official. McDavid became the latest $100 million man. An 8 year extension means 9 more years of McDavid leading the Oilers (the extension kicks in for the 2018-2019 season, after his ELC expires). What you’ll notice is that I said $100 million man, and not $106 million man. The finalized extension is 8 years at $12.5 million per year. So why is $6 million missing? Because McDavid is a true leader.

McDavid purposely asked for $750,000 less per year (total of $6 million over the 8 years) so that the Oilers still had cap space to sign other players.

What. A. Guy.

Something that I found interesting about McDavid’s contract was that $86 of the $100 million is a signing bonus. Mark Spector reported that on July 1st every year, McDavid will get a huge check and the remaining $14 million will be paid out through normal pay periods over the 8 years.

Connor McDavid is 20 years old, and will make a total of $100,925,000 between now and before he turns 30. Unreal.

The summer after I turned 20 isn’t too far from Connor McDavid’s summer after he turned 20; just on a much, much, much smaller scale. I played Truck Puck (skateboard hockey) with my friends all day. No doubt McDavid is training for his hockey career this summer. I drank beers all night with my friends. McDavid is of legal drinking age in Canada, so no doubt he’s celebrating with friends, and now hopefully footing the bar tab. I also had a job that I loved that gave me a raise that summer. A whopping 75 cents an hour. It’s not quite the raise McDavid received, but it helped make that summer the best summer of my life; another similarity between mine and McDavid’s 20th summers. The best summer of our lives.

Advancing further in the playoffs than most predicted you would, winning the league MVP having your peers vote you as the league’s best player, winning the league’s scoring title, scoring the cover of NHL 18, signing an 8-year, $100 million contract extension. All of that at the young age of 20 years old. Doing all that in an entire career is impressive, let alone by the young age of 20 like McDavid.

Connor McDavid, go have yourself a summer.

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