How Smackdown Live K.O’d This Week’s Battle Of The Brands Following Mcmahon Attack

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

With the conclusion of the Mae Young Classic and the trash talking between Reigns and Cena on Monday, nothing compares to the face to face meeting between Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live.

The reason the elder McMahon paid a visit was to address Owens who planned to sue the company following the attack by Shane McMahon last week for which he was suspended.  We later learned that Shane wasn’t suspended for attacking Owens, but because he didn’t “finish the job” according to Vince.  The elder McMahon went on to brag about the number of lawsuits that he’s lost, which is zero, and to announce that Shane will return and a match between him and Owens will take place at and inside Hell In A Cell.

Following the war of words between chairman and superstar, Owens headbutted Vince and then brutally beat him and finished with a frog-splash off the ropes.  This confrontation is what Owens needed to bring him back to his heel character since the “New Face of America” gimmick failed horribly as the role called for a babyface character.

Owens after a couple years of being brought to the main roster has held the Universal, WWE, Intercontinental, and United States titles and has the talent to back it up.  Since being traded to Smackdown Live, K.O. was losing that superstar image, because, no offense, SD Live is still a B list show.  Even top stars like AJ Styles and Nakamura are seen as underrated performers of the brand and reducing their star power to just US titles and failed number one contender matches.

Outside of Jinder Mahal, there are no top heel characters to fit the balance of the brand.  With what happened this past week, we can see Owens in a title picture sooner and will motivate more top star heels to help push the shadowed stars including Tye Dillinger and Sammie Zane, who is caught in the middle of star and jobber.

As the road to Hell In A Cell heats up, the growing feud between McMahon and Owens will be one match to look forward to.  Watch the assault on Mr. McMahon by Owens below.

This Week’s Raw And Smackdown Live Are Showing No Mercy And Raising Hell  In Their Builds Towards Their Next Events

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What a week for WWE as both the RAW and SD Live brands are creating storylines that make Days of Our Lives look like Sesame Street.  There are multiple feuds going on for both brands and this will lead to some good upcoming Pay-Per-View events with No Mercy for RAW later this month, and Hell in a Cell for SD in October.

Let’s break down the four feuds that we should continue to look at leading to each event.  Not because it’s entertaining, but because they’re bringing dream matches to reality and giving under card stars an opportunity to leave their mark in the company.

Shane Mcmahon and Kevin Owens

Since being screwed out of the U.S. title on three separate occasions, Owen’s attitude towards Mcmahon has gotten worse over the past few weeks.  This past Tuesday’s episode featured Owens telling the SD Live commissioner that his family would have been better off if Shane didn’t survive his helicopter crash a month ago.  This sent McMahon into overdrive as he beat Owens for the remainder of the segment.

Just when you think this can’t get any worse, McMahon is now suspended and a rare visit from Vince Mcmahon is said to happen next week.  This will add to the intensity of their potential match come Hell in a Cell.

Natalya and Carmella… and James Ellsworth?

After winning the women’s championship from Naomi at Summer Slam, Natalya, or Nattie, has been watching her back for Carmella and James Ellsworth.  During their singles match, Ellsworth almost gave Carmella the Baron Corbin treatment when the Money in the Bank case was almost cashed in.  This made it look like it was the plan but was screwed up by the chinless manager.

After apologizing, Carmella gave Ellsworth a mean kiss and a hard slap across the cheek.  The kiss could have been a kiss of death which means that this pair is soon to break up whether she cashes in and wins, or cashes in and loses.  To think all those months he could have been molded to be another cruiserweight contender just to be a high paid jobber.  Poor Ellsworth!

Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal

Mahal, since his return, has been more entertaining to watch as a heel.  What added to that character is his rebuttal towards Americans being prejudice towards the people of his culture.  It worked for his feud with Randy Orton and his mic war with John Cena.  However, not so much with Nakamura.

The rock star of the WWE is still a struggle to watch when they put him on the mic, even the questions are as elementary as they come.  But it does work against Mahal as Nakamura just laughs him off and tells him to “Come Onnnnn.”  This is the one feud where fist and kicks can break their hips, but words will never hurt them.

And Finally… John Cena and Roman Reigns

Since becoming a free agent and beating Corbin at Summer Slam, Cena came to RAW to address Reigns as him being the next marketing tool to potential replace him.  After some heated words between the two, Cena said he blames Reigns for why he’s still in the WWE as he says, “...Because you can’t do your job.”  In which he means get over as a babyface.

This week, Reigns responded with Cena being too slow in the ring when he faced Jason Jordan.  Cena threatened Reigns by being the respect out of him, but when prompted to do it he became a statue, leaving Reigns to reply “That’s why I don’t respect you.”

This match can possible be one of the most mediocre ones to date, but still entertaining as the two biggest names fight to prove who is the “It” guy in the business.  As the weeks leading to No Mercy shorten, you can feel that this is becoming more personal than scripted.

What are some feuds you’re looking forward to, or would like to see.  Leave your comments below, No Mercy will be live September 24 and Hell in a Cell will be live October 8 on Pay-Per-View and on the WWE Network.

Could Jeff Hardy's Championship Opportunity Be A Setup For The Obsoletion Of Their Nostalgia Act

This week on Monday Night Raw, Jeff Hardy was the last man standing after eliminating Jason Jordan to become number one contender against the Miz on next week's episode.  But this win is more than just the intercontinental championship, but the future of the Hardys.

To Be, Or Not To Be... Broken

It's been rumored that Jeff is going to get a push for a solo run while Matt will be pursuing one of his own.  It's supposed to lead to him becoming broken in the future. You want proof, just look at the fact that Matt is still doing the deletion gesture when making an entrance, and let's not forget the brilliant sneaks of their broken catch phrases during their promo following their loss of the tag team championship post "Great Balls Of Fire."

It was said that the deal with TNA, oops... IMPACT was off the table and they would remain the owners of the gimmick, which led to threats of lawsuits between the Hardys and the failing wrestling brand.  But maybe the deal was done and the two brands are using this to throw fans off making them believe they will never be broken again.  It's better business if both brands get something from it, IMPACT keeps getting mentions, and the WWE would have the gimmick, it's a win win, mostly for WWE. 

Jeff's Upcoming Singles Run

During the elimination match, we also got a preview of a future match between Jeff and Finn Balor.  Which if he wins, can put him over greatly as Balor is the hottest star on the roster and Jeff hasn't been the neon green wearing high energy performer he used to be.  If that match does happen, the only plea to Jeff is to not try to match Balor's demon gimmick with his Willow gimmick. 

Watch closely to next week's Monday Night Raw and see if he has what it takes to be a future main eventer once again in the WWE.  Hopefully, we get the answers we're looking for from both Hardys in the weeks to come. 

The Monster Among Men Sent A Message To The Beast, Big Push Coming Soon

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

During the kick-off segment of Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesner and his advocate Paul Heyman were gloating about how the beast remained champion following the fatal four-way match at Summerslam this past Sunday.  It didn't take long before Braun Strowman came to the ring and power slammed Lesnar twice before holding up the universal championship.

This is the match that was meant to happen at Great Balls Of Fire, but Strowman suffered a shoulder injury and was out of action for nearly two months.  The build up to the monster vs the beast match was back in the rotation when he was added to the fatal four-way with Lesnar, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns. 

This match is different not because we haven't seen these two go one-on-one yet, but because these two come from completely different backgrounds. 

Lesnar is not just known in the WWE as a suplex machine, he has a NCAA champion and a former UFC champion.  Not only can he out wrestle Strowman, but he can kick the crap out of him.  Strowman. however, is a strongman competitor who lifts tree trunks and tractor tires with ease.   his is a man who took Lesnar and threw him across the ring into the buckle at Summerslam. There's a good chance we may see Lesnar dominated by Strowman, but not as bad as the Goldberg match back at last year's Survivor Series. 

The monster among men is proving to be a marketable star in the WWE, shying away from his Wyatt family days when he was teamed with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Eric Rowan.  He even made James Ellsworth famous for giving him the beating of a lifetime.  On top of all that, he has his own merchandise and that's saying something in the wrestling world. 

The match may be the main event at the next Pay-Per-View which is not named at the moment.  With Smackdown Live getting most all of the good PPVs, the RAW brand will continue to pull random names out of their heads.  No matter the name, however, setting up this collision between the two juggernauts is the base of some upcoming matches we have yet to see. 

Corbin's Future Was Slammed Before The Summer's Biggest Event

For the past few events, the take home shows were not enough to have more people subscribe to the WWE Network, which you can still get for the low price of $9.99. But this week's Smackdown Live may have just set the bar for their matches at Summerslam. 

An RKO to Rusev, Usos beating the New Day, and Carmella still holding on to the women's Money In The Bank case for whoever wins the women's championship. One person, however, won't be a threat for the WWE world heavyweight championship, the lone wolf Barin Corbin. 

In the main event of John Cena vs. Jinder Mahal, Corbin interrupted the match by beating on Cena when he realized that Mahal was out, he tried to take advantage with the cash in. Thanks to the superstar burying Cena, Mahal would roll up Corbin, beating him and retaining his title. 


According to WrestleTalk news, the WWE was trying to push Corbin, but with him losing verbal wars with Cena, his mic skills kept him from being pushed as he was planned. 

With the loss, we can possibly see a more aggressive Corbin as it would be a good move to have him become a top heel and motivate him to work on his mic skills. Perhaps his push to becoming the new WWE champion may be pushed back thanks to Cena, but hopefully, the lone wolf will continue to be a star they invest in. He has potential to carry the brand, but he now has to start from bottom once again. 

WWE Setting Up Possible Post Summerslam Plans With Easter Eggs On This Week’s Shows.

It’s been an interesting week in the World Wrestling Entertainment, one that can lead to what fans have been anticipating for some time.  With Summerslam around the corner, this means that some changes are going to happen after the biggest event of the summer.  There were some possible hints as to what can happen after the next Pay-Per-View and it can be the shake up that the company needs to boost its ratings.

Lesnar in Blue?

If you’ve missed Monday Night Raw, during the Miz TV segment of the show, Brock Lesnar became an unexpected guest for the Miz to interview.  The beast came out in his latest suplex city shirt, but the shirt was blue, the same blue of the Smackdown Live brand.  His advocate, Paul Heyman, said that if he loses the title they’re leaving the WWE.

Speculation is that he is returning to the UFC to face Jon “Bones” Jones, but what if he comes back following that fight, will he go to Smackdown Live?  That will resurrect the match between Shane and Lesnar that was a possibility following last year’s Summerslam when the beast bloodied Randy Orton and delivered an F5 to Shane.  It’s hard to get all of this from just the color of his shirt, but it will be a nice shake up for the brand split.

Bailey A Heel

While out with a shoulder injury, Bailey came to the ring to address the audience about missing Summerslam.  The hugging, smiling, babyface superstar was greeting with boos during her segment.  The look on her face didn’t approve of the crowd's reaction, and she said she’s only thanking the ones who cheered for her, which led to a louder boo from fans.

Typically, when a popular superstar leaves on an injury, they come back as a heel including Sheamus, Seth Rollins, and current WWE SD Live women’s champion, Naomi.  If Sasha Banks beats Alexa Bliss and becomes the Raw women’s champion, we will relieve one of the greatest rivalries in NXT, but it will be the opposite of how it was in NXT, this time with Banks as baby face vs. Bailey as heel.  

Shane Back To His Old Ways

As the special guest referee in the United States championship match between A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens, Shane was reminded by Owens that he isn’t the most trustworthy when it comes to being a referee.  Clips of Shane costing Stone Cold Steve Austin his match against Mankind were shown, and both of the participants expressed that they were not fans of SD Live commissioner.  Shane said that he will call it down the middle unless either of them gives him a reason to get involved more than just an official.

Since his return, Shane has been Mr. "Nice Guy" and promised that everyone will get a fair opportunity to shine on his brand, but that one moment of heel from McMahon will make the match more exciting as everyone at this point are comfortable with him being the nice guy.

WWE Locks Up With UFC With Possible Crossovers Of Two Big Stars

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After Jon “Bones” Jones was victorious in his fight against Daniel Cormier, in his post interview, he called out WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to a fight in the octagon.  But how likely is that match to happen?  The answer is very!

It has been rumored that he is leaving the company following a potential championship loss to go back to the UFC.  Lesnar got suspended almost a year ago after failing a drug test following his UFC 200 fight.  Talks of him returning early have been brewing as he’s been meeting with reps during Fight Week.

To make it seem more concrete, Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman said that if he loses the championship in a fatal four way at Summerslam, that he and his client are leaving the company.  If it’s coming from Heyman, you know it’s a planned move for the two.

That is not the only WWE/UFC crossover.  Ronda Rousey was photographed last month with Paul “Triple H” Levesque at the WWE center around the Mae Young Classic, similar to the Cruiserweight Classic, but showcasing female wrestlers.  After two consecutive losses in the octagon, she may be switching brands to keep her reputation as the toughest female in the business.

Ronda Rousey pictured with Triple H (Photo Credit:

Ronda Rousey pictured with Triple H (Photo Credit:

She’s no stranger to being in the squared circle, she was a special guest at Wrestlemania 31 who shocked the crowd by twisting Stephanie Mcmahon's arm and judo flipping Triple H.  Since then fans have been wondering if she would cross over, and as of late the pictures are becoming more solid proof.

Two of the biggest stars from both brands will make headlines as the two swap places in these two brands, and fans are still wondering if Phillip “CM Punk” Brooks will ever wrestle again.  There have been independent companies offering him money to do a match, but his return, according to him, might not happen anytime soon.

Smackdown's Pay-Per-View Battled To Keep It's Audience Entertained

Last night's 'Battleground' Pay-Per-View proved to be less of a spectacle than ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ as each match was filled with botches, missed cues, and a surprise interference that no one cared about.

Every match fell apart from the John Cena Vs. Rusev flag match, to the women’s five-way elimination match.  It was so hard to watch knowing these are the superstars that wouldn’t have received T.V. time if it wasn’t for the brand split.

Tag Team Championships

Granted, the highlight of the whole event was the New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E) vs. Jay and Jimmy Uso for the tag team titles. This match was the first time that Woods picked up the pinfall victory for the team in months.  Their match wasn’t as flawless as the rest of the card but was definitely one that set the tone of what could’ve been a great event.  That was until we got to the women’s match, and that’s where the PPV went down hill.

Fatal Five-Way Elimination Match

Here we go again, but wait, this time we get to see Lana compete in the mix.  It still doesn't help the fact that her in-ring skills are below average.  With the match having an odd number of competitors, everyone was fumbling to figure out who was going to fight who.  The unexpected winner of the match was Natalia, or Nattie on Total Divas, who will go on to face Naomi for the title at Summerslam.

Punjabi Prison Match

There’s a reason why this match is rare because it’s not a good match.  The prison is just a steel cage match, but instead, they use bamboo sticks and twine and there are two cages that the wrestlers have to climb out of.

Just when you thought Randy Orton had the match won, a return from the Great Khali helped Mahal retain his title.  It wasn’t a real surprise that he showed up knowing that Khali originated the match, but still a surprise nonetheless.

The match was so dull that the crowd began to chant “this is boring” throughout the arena.  Sure, one of the Singh brothers went through the table, and Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton beat the hell out of each other with kendo sticks, but it wasn’t enough to save the match.

The event was filled with matches that we could’ve seen on Smackdown Live and saved us time and our $9.99.  But, that’s not the worst part, we still don’t know who trashed Breezango’s office.  We were supposed to find out during the event but got another pointless X-Files skit with the suspects still a mystery.

The next event for Smackdown will be Summerslam where both Smackdown and RAW brands will be in attendance.

Is Chad “Gable” To Be Successful As A Singles Competitor?

In an interview with Renee Young, featured on Smackdown Live since “Talking Smack” is cancelled, Chad Gable says he supports his former tag team partner Jason Jordan going to RAW.

During the Kurt Angle segment, where he revealed Jordan was his biological son, we mentioned it explained why Gable was competing in singles competition a lot lately. But this break up could mean that he may be ready for another push in the WWE.

Not only was he competing in singles matches, he faced off with former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and former World Heavy Champion and current United States Champion AJ Styles. In both matches, he proved that he had what it takes to be a future champion. Well… on Smackdown, it won’t fly over on RAW, but a champion nonetheless.

During his interview, he mentioned that the news about Jordan changed his life as well. He also mentioned he has some ideas moving forward for his solo run. He didn’t mention what those ideas may be, but we can expect new attire, music, and perhaps a finisher, something Roman Reigns knows nothing about.

If anyone is qualified to be the next champion is Gable. Not only is he talented in the ring, but he is a former Olympic athlete, just like someone who found out they had a biological kid, who won the 2012 U.S. Open and second in the Pan American Olympic Qualifier. Typically the bigger guys get the push as Vince likes his champions big and brawny, but the 5’8” super star knocked off Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton along with Jordan to become the SDL tag team champions. After beating four of the biggest stars to date, his resume is looking promising for what’s to come.

Let’s live in fantasy land for one second. What if he’s not ready to be a singles competitor, what if he wants to continue his run in the tag team division and keep his Olympic gimmick. Well, there have been talks of Shelton Benjamin making a return and, like the Hardys, he may be that partner who comes back with the nostalgic “Team Angle” push.

No matter what, or when he will make his ideas known, just know he will be willing and “Gable” to leave his mark in the WWE. His interview following the American Alpha split can be seen here


It’s no secret that the best part of RAW is usually the opening and the main event, leaving the other 2:35 filled with jobber matches and pointless skits.   This week, however, answered questions that have been worked in the story lines for the past few months.

The Shield Back Together

It looks like talks of the Shield getting back together may be happening sooner than we expected.  During the opening of Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose waited for the Miz and his “Miztourage” when Seth Rollins came out to offer his help to fight against them.  During their discussion, Rollins addressed Ambrose as brother, which led to him bringing up memories of the popular trio.

To make amends, Rollins gave Ambrose the chance to hit him with a chair like he did along with Roman Reigns three years ago.   Ambrose was about to tell Rollins something before the Miz interrupted him with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel and attacked them.  The two will face all three members of the Miztourage next week.

If the Shield does reunite, it looks like it will be a two person team as the WWE is molding Reigns to be the next John Cena.

Kurt’s Big Secret Revealed

The way the story was shaping up, fans believed that news might've had something to do with the McMahon family or something with TNA.  The secret was that Jason Jordan of American Alpha was Angle’s son.  What a disappointment in a reveal!  The real secret was the WWE breaking up another tag team.

It makes so much sense now as to why Chad Gable was doing so many solo matches against AJ Styles and why American Alpha was off of television after losing the Smack Down Live tag team titles to the Usos.  It’s also a cliche since Angle and Jordan's gimmick are identical.  First Enzo and Big Cass, now AA?  Well, the summer is usually the time of year for breakups.

Who will face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam?

In the Samoan vs Samoan match, aka Reigns vs Samoa Joe, there was no winner thanks to the interference from Braun Strowman.  The three battled each other for the last ten minutes of the program with Strowman leaving Reigns and Joe laying in the middle of the ring.

This likely means the three will faceoff to see who gets to against Lesnar.  This may get the match of Lesnar vs Strowman back on track as the two were originally supposed to meet at the last RAW Pay-Per-View “Great Balls of Fire”, but was shelved after Strowman suffered an elbow injury a month before.  Angle said he will have an answer to the situation on next week’s episode.

Next week we’re also getting Sasha Banks vs Bayley to determine who will face Alexa Bliss at Summerslam, which will probably end the same way as the Reigns and Joe match with Nia Jaxx interfering.  In addition, a no disqualification match with Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson and some more jobber matches and pointless storylines to fill the three-hour block.

How The Money In The Bank Cases Can Be Used During Brand Split

History was made last month when Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon introduced the first women's Money In The Bank match.  After a repeat match a couple weeks ago on Smackdown, Carmella is the first woman to hold the briefcase for the women's division, and for the men, Baron Corbin became the first man to win the case since the brand split. 

Two wrestlers, who were considered underdogs in those matches, now have an opportunity to be first-time champions.  But, do those championships have to be on their particular brand?  The contract says that the winners get a title shot at the championship, but things have changed since the match was created in 2010.

WWE posted a copy of the contract in 2012 that says the winner can cash in for a World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE championship.  The two belts have since fused together, so why not add the universal title in the contract for the men and the RAW title to the women. 

Imagine, Carmella and Corbin treating their MITB cases as free agent contracts and cross over to RAW to dethrone Alexa Bliss and Brock Lesner as RAW women's champion and the universal champion. This could create controversy in it of itself if Carmella and Corbin win then take the title back to their show.  It probably won't happen but it would be interesting.

Their wins prove to the WWE Universe that SD Live is the land of opportunity because these two probably wouldn't have gotten far on RAW.  Not because they're not talented, but because there are bigger names on the show. =  Besides Breezango and the other jobber talent, SD Live is making sure they're giving all their talent T.V. time. 

There's no telling when the two will cash in their contracts, but Summerslam is around the corner which will be an opportunity for them to take advantage.  The idea of them cashing in on the opposite show would've worked since both brands will be present at the PPV.  In the meantime, get comfortable watching those awkward meets between the rest of the women's division on SD Live and the random feud between Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura. 

PPV Predictions: WWE Money in the Bank

  • Money in the Bank 2017

    The Hype Bros vs The Colons

    WWE Women's Championship Match:
    (c) Naomi vs Lana
    I for one am happier with the idea of Lana competing for the Women's title then her being in Money in the Bank.  Even though she may not deserve the opportunity she is in fact a good filler for the one show with all the other women competing in the ladder match. This will also be a good test for Lana to see if she can be trusted in the ring. I do think that either way Naomi will get the win tonight.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
    (c) The Usos vs The New Day
    Since switching heel, the momentum for The Uso's has never been higher then it is right now and the team should keep building.  The New Day have done an amazing job as a trio during their entire run I just think that it might be too soon to give them the tag team titles on Smackdown. With that being said The Usos will get the win.

    First Ever Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    Carmella vs Tamina vs Natalya vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte
    For the first time ever the women of WWE will get the opportunity to enter into the Money in the Bank ladder match. I don't really have much to say about this match because I don't really know what to expect from this one. What I will say is that I think that Carmella will become the first ever Ms. Money in the Bank.

    WWE Championship Match:
    (c) Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers vs Randy Orton
    I honestly am still getting used to the idea that Mahal is the WWE Champion as it is extremely incredible.  At this point in his career Randy is capable of taking a loss and allowing the WWE to give Jinder a stable run with the World Title instead of short joke run. With that being said I believe Jinder will remain WWE Champion.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler
    Honestly, the first point I have to make is that I don't understand why Ziggler was chosen to be apart of the match as he has absolutely no momentum going into the match.  However, I don't really think that the WWE had anyone else to place in the match instead of Dolph Ziggler. This is the first time that I would've liked to see Ziggler get sent to Raw instead of Miz as having Miz be a part of the build for the show would've helped the match and show tremendously.  But without the "A-Lister" the match still will be very exciting and it is a very hard choice to pick the winner.  For the last year the WWE has been helping Baron Corbin work his way up on the card, this is a perfect way to get his push back on track. This is the reason why I am selecting Baron Corbin to grab the briefcase and win Money in the Bank.

            WWE Honors Teen With Rare Disease

            According to, the WWE recently honored teenager Jarrius Robertson with the WWE Hero award.  Robertson, 15, suffers from a chronic liver disease called biliary atresia which effects his growth.  So far in his short life Robertson has already undergone two liver transplants and 13 surgeries.  For more on the fantastic occasion and the opportunity to watch it, click here.  Great job by WWE here making this teens dreams come true!