How The Money In The Bank Cases Can Be Used During Brand Split

History was made last month when Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon introduced the first women's Money In The Bank match.  After a repeat match a couple weeks ago on Smackdown, Carmella is the first woman to hold the briefcase for the women's division, and for the men, Baron Corbin became the first man to win the case since the brand split. 

Two wrestlers, who were considered underdogs in those matches, now have an opportunity to be first-time champions.  But, do those championships have to be on their particular brand?  The contract says that the winners get a title shot at the championship, but things have changed since the match was created in 2010.

WWE posted a copy of the contract in 2012 that says the winner can cash in for a World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE championship.  The two belts have since fused together, so why not add the universal title in the contract for the men and the RAW title to the women. 

Imagine, Carmella and Corbin treating their MITB cases as free agent contracts and cross over to RAW to dethrone Alexa Bliss and Brock Lesner as RAW women's champion and the universal champion. This could create controversy in it of itself if Carmella and Corbin win then take the title back to their show.  It probably won't happen but it would be interesting.

Their wins prove to the WWE Universe that SD Live is the land of opportunity because these two probably wouldn't have gotten far on RAW.  Not because they're not talented, but because there are bigger names on the show. =  Besides Breezango and the other jobber talent, SD Live is making sure they're giving all their talent T.V. time. 

There's no telling when the two will cash in their contracts, but Summerslam is around the corner which will be an opportunity for them to take advantage.  The idea of them cashing in on the opposite show would've worked since both brands will be present at the PPV.  In the meantime, get comfortable watching those awkward meets between the rest of the women's division on SD Live and the random feud between Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura.