Is Chad “Gable” To Be Successful As A Singles Competitor?

In an interview with Renee Young, featured on Smackdown Live since “Talking Smack” is cancelled, Chad Gable says he supports his former tag team partner Jason Jordan going to RAW.

During the Kurt Angle segment, where he revealed Jordan was his biological son, we mentioned it explained why Gable was competing in singles competition a lot lately. But this break up could mean that he may be ready for another push in the WWE.

Not only was he competing in singles matches, he faced off with former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and former World Heavy Champion and current United States Champion AJ Styles. In both matches, he proved that he had what it takes to be a future champion. Well… on Smackdown, it won’t fly over on RAW, but a champion nonetheless.

During his interview, he mentioned that the news about Jordan changed his life as well. He also mentioned he has some ideas moving forward for his solo run. He didn’t mention what those ideas may be, but we can expect new attire, music, and perhaps a finisher, something Roman Reigns knows nothing about.

If anyone is qualified to be the next champion is Gable. Not only is he talented in the ring, but he is a former Olympic athlete, just like someone who found out they had a biological kid, who won the 2012 U.S. Open and second in the Pan American Olympic Qualifier. Typically the bigger guys get the push as Vince likes his champions big and brawny, but the 5’8” super star knocked off Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton along with Jordan to become the SDL tag team champions. After beating four of the biggest stars to date, his resume is looking promising for what’s to come.

Let’s live in fantasy land for one second. What if he’s not ready to be a singles competitor, what if he wants to continue his run in the tag team division and keep his Olympic gimmick. Well, there have been talks of Shelton Benjamin making a return and, like the Hardys, he may be that partner who comes back with the nostalgic “Team Angle” push.

No matter what, or when he will make his ideas known, just know he will be willing and “Gable” to leave his mark in the WWE. His interview following the American Alpha split can be seen here

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