Smackdown's Pay-Per-View Battled To Keep It's Audience Entertained

Last night's 'Battleground' Pay-Per-View proved to be less of a spectacle than ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ as each match was filled with botches, missed cues, and a surprise interference that no one cared about.

Every match fell apart from the John Cena Vs. Rusev flag match, to the women’s five-way elimination match.  It was so hard to watch knowing these are the superstars that wouldn’t have received T.V. time if it wasn’t for the brand split.

Tag Team Championships

Granted, the highlight of the whole event was the New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E) vs. Jay and Jimmy Uso for the tag team titles. This match was the first time that Woods picked up the pinfall victory for the team in months.  Their match wasn’t as flawless as the rest of the card but was definitely one that set the tone of what could’ve been a great event.  That was until we got to the women’s match, and that’s where the PPV went down hill.

Fatal Five-Way Elimination Match

Here we go again, but wait, this time we get to see Lana compete in the mix.  It still doesn't help the fact that her in-ring skills are below average.  With the match having an odd number of competitors, everyone was fumbling to figure out who was going to fight who.  The unexpected winner of the match was Natalia, or Nattie on Total Divas, who will go on to face Naomi for the title at Summerslam.

Punjabi Prison Match

There’s a reason why this match is rare because it’s not a good match.  The prison is just a steel cage match, but instead, they use bamboo sticks and twine and there are two cages that the wrestlers have to climb out of.

Just when you thought Randy Orton had the match won, a return from the Great Khali helped Mahal retain his title.  It wasn’t a real surprise that he showed up knowing that Khali originated the match, but still a surprise nonetheless.

The match was so dull that the crowd began to chant “this is boring” throughout the arena.  Sure, one of the Singh brothers went through the table, and Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton beat the hell out of each other with kendo sticks, but it wasn’t enough to save the match.

The event was filled with matches that we could’ve seen on Smackdown Live and saved us time and our $9.99.  But, that’s not the worst part, we still don’t know who trashed Breezango’s office.  We were supposed to find out during the event but got another pointless X-Files skit with the suspects still a mystery.

The next event for Smackdown will be Summerslam where both Smackdown and RAW brands will be in attendance.