WWE Setting Up Possible Post Summerslam Plans With Easter Eggs On This Week’s Shows.

It’s been an interesting week in the World Wrestling Entertainment, one that can lead to what fans have been anticipating for some time.  With Summerslam around the corner, this means that some changes are going to happen after the biggest event of the summer.  There were some possible hints as to what can happen after the next Pay-Per-View and it can be the shake up that the company needs to boost its ratings.

Lesnar in Blue?

If you’ve missed Monday Night Raw, during the Miz TV segment of the show, Brock Lesnar became an unexpected guest for the Miz to interview.  The beast came out in his latest suplex city shirt, but the shirt was blue, the same blue of the Smackdown Live brand.  His advocate, Paul Heyman, said that if he loses the title they’re leaving the WWE.

Speculation is that he is returning to the UFC to face Jon “Bones” Jones, but what if he comes back following that fight, will he go to Smackdown Live?  That will resurrect the match between Shane and Lesnar that was a possibility following last year’s Summerslam when the beast bloodied Randy Orton and delivered an F5 to Shane.  It’s hard to get all of this from just the color of his shirt, but it will be a nice shake up for the brand split.

Bailey A Heel

While out with a shoulder injury, Bailey came to the ring to address the audience about missing Summerslam.  The hugging, smiling, babyface superstar was greeting with boos during her segment.  The look on her face didn’t approve of the crowd's reaction, and she said she’s only thanking the ones who cheered for her, which led to a louder boo from fans.

Typically, when a popular superstar leaves on an injury, they come back as a heel including Sheamus, Seth Rollins, and current WWE SD Live women’s champion, Naomi.  If Sasha Banks beats Alexa Bliss and becomes the Raw women’s champion, we will relieve one of the greatest rivalries in NXT, but it will be the opposite of how it was in NXT, this time with Banks as baby face vs. Bailey as heel.  

Shane Back To His Old Ways

As the special guest referee in the United States championship match between A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens, Shane was reminded by Owens that he isn’t the most trustworthy when it comes to being a referee.  Clips of Shane costing Stone Cold Steve Austin his match against Mankind were shown, and both of the participants expressed that they were not fans of SD Live commissioner.  Shane said that he will call it down the middle unless either of them gives him a reason to get involved more than just an official.

Since his return, Shane has been Mr. "Nice Guy" and promised that everyone will get a fair opportunity to shine on his brand, but that one moment of heel from McMahon will make the match more exciting as everyone at this point are comfortable with him being the nice guy.

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