Corbin's Future Was Slammed Before The Summer's Biggest Event

For the past few events, the take home shows were not enough to have more people subscribe to the WWE Network, which you can still get for the low price of $9.99. But this week's Smackdown Live may have just set the bar for their matches at Summerslam. 

An RKO to Rusev, Usos beating the New Day, and Carmella still holding on to the women's Money In The Bank case for whoever wins the women's championship. One person, however, won't be a threat for the WWE world heavyweight championship, the lone wolf Barin Corbin. 

In the main event of John Cena vs. Jinder Mahal, Corbin interrupted the match by beating on Cena when he realized that Mahal was out, he tried to take advantage with the cash in. Thanks to the superstar burying Cena, Mahal would roll up Corbin, beating him and retaining his title. 


According to WrestleTalk news, the WWE was trying to push Corbin, but with him losing verbal wars with Cena, his mic skills kept him from being pushed as he was planned. 

With the loss, we can possibly see a more aggressive Corbin as it would be a good move to have him become a top heel and motivate him to work on his mic skills. Perhaps his push to becoming the new WWE champion may be pushed back thanks to Cena, but hopefully, the lone wolf will continue to be a star they invest in. He has potential to carry the brand, but he now has to start from bottom once again. 

Jeramie BizzleComment