The Monster Among Men Sent A Message To The Beast, Big Push Coming Soon

 Photo Credit: Sky Sports

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

During the kick-off segment of Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesner and his advocate Paul Heyman were gloating about how the beast remained champion following the fatal four-way match at Summerslam this past Sunday.  It didn't take long before Braun Strowman came to the ring and power slammed Lesnar twice before holding up the universal championship.

This is the match that was meant to happen at Great Balls Of Fire, but Strowman suffered a shoulder injury and was out of action for nearly two months.  The build up to the monster vs the beast match was back in the rotation when he was added to the fatal four-way with Lesnar, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns. 

This match is different not because we haven't seen these two go one-on-one yet, but because these two come from completely different backgrounds. 

Lesnar is not just known in the WWE as a suplex machine, he has a NCAA champion and a former UFC champion.  Not only can he out wrestle Strowman, but he can kick the crap out of him.  Strowman. however, is a strongman competitor who lifts tree trunks and tractor tires with ease.   his is a man who took Lesnar and threw him across the ring into the buckle at Summerslam. There's a good chance we may see Lesnar dominated by Strowman, but not as bad as the Goldberg match back at last year's Survivor Series. 

The monster among men is proving to be a marketable star in the WWE, shying away from his Wyatt family days when he was teamed with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Eric Rowan.  He even made James Ellsworth famous for giving him the beating of a lifetime.  On top of all that, he has his own merchandise and that's saying something in the wrestling world. 

The match may be the main event at the next Pay-Per-View which is not named at the moment.  With Smackdown Live getting most all of the good PPVs, the RAW brand will continue to pull random names out of their heads.  No matter the name, however, setting up this collision between the two juggernauts is the base of some upcoming matches we have yet to see. 

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