Could Jeff Hardy's Championship Opportunity Be A Setup For The Obsoletion Of Their Nostalgia Act

This week on Monday Night Raw, Jeff Hardy was the last man standing after eliminating Jason Jordan to become number one contender against the Miz on next week's episode.  But this win is more than just the intercontinental championship, but the future of the Hardys.

To Be, Or Not To Be... Broken

It's been rumored that Jeff is going to get a push for a solo run while Matt will be pursuing one of his own.  It's supposed to lead to him becoming broken in the future. You want proof, just look at the fact that Matt is still doing the deletion gesture when making an entrance, and let's not forget the brilliant sneaks of their broken catch phrases during their promo following their loss of the tag team championship post "Great Balls Of Fire."

It was said that the deal with TNA, oops... IMPACT was off the table and they would remain the owners of the gimmick, which led to threats of lawsuits between the Hardys and the failing wrestling brand.  But maybe the deal was done and the two brands are using this to throw fans off making them believe they will never be broken again.  It's better business if both brands get something from it, IMPACT keeps getting mentions, and the WWE would have the gimmick, it's a win win, mostly for WWE. 

Jeff's Upcoming Singles Run

During the elimination match, we also got a preview of a future match between Jeff and Finn Balor.  Which if he wins, can put him over greatly as Balor is the hottest star on the roster and Jeff hasn't been the neon green wearing high energy performer he used to be.  If that match does happen, the only plea to Jeff is to not try to match Balor's demon gimmick with his Willow gimmick. 

Watch closely to next week's Monday Night Raw and see if he has what it takes to be a future main eventer once again in the WWE.  Hopefully, we get the answers we're looking for from both Hardys in the weeks to come. 

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