This Week’s Raw And Smackdown Live Are Showing No Mercy And Raising Hell  In Their Builds Towards Their Next Events

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What a week for WWE as both the RAW and SD Live brands are creating storylines that make Days of Our Lives look like Sesame Street.  There are multiple feuds going on for both brands and this will lead to some good upcoming Pay-Per-View events with No Mercy for RAW later this month, and Hell in a Cell for SD in October.

Let’s break down the four feuds that we should continue to look at leading to each event.  Not because it’s entertaining, but because they’re bringing dream matches to reality and giving under card stars an opportunity to leave their mark in the company.

Shane Mcmahon and Kevin Owens

Since being screwed out of the U.S. title on three separate occasions, Owen’s attitude towards Mcmahon has gotten worse over the past few weeks.  This past Tuesday’s episode featured Owens telling the SD Live commissioner that his family would have been better off if Shane didn’t survive his helicopter crash a month ago.  This sent McMahon into overdrive as he beat Owens for the remainder of the segment.

Just when you think this can’t get any worse, McMahon is now suspended and a rare visit from Vince Mcmahon is said to happen next week.  This will add to the intensity of their potential match come Hell in a Cell.

Natalya and Carmella… and James Ellsworth?

After winning the women’s championship from Naomi at Summer Slam, Natalya, or Nattie, has been watching her back for Carmella and James Ellsworth.  During their singles match, Ellsworth almost gave Carmella the Baron Corbin treatment when the Money in the Bank case was almost cashed in.  This made it look like it was the plan but was screwed up by the chinless manager.

After apologizing, Carmella gave Ellsworth a mean kiss and a hard slap across the cheek.  The kiss could have been a kiss of death which means that this pair is soon to break up whether she cashes in and wins, or cashes in and loses.  To think all those months he could have been molded to be another cruiserweight contender just to be a high paid jobber.  Poor Ellsworth!

Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal

Mahal, since his return, has been more entertaining to watch as a heel.  What added to that character is his rebuttal towards Americans being prejudice towards the people of his culture.  It worked for his feud with Randy Orton and his mic war with John Cena.  However, not so much with Nakamura.

The rock star of the WWE is still a struggle to watch when they put him on the mic, even the questions are as elementary as they come.  But it does work against Mahal as Nakamura just laughs him off and tells him to “Come Onnnnn.”  This is the one feud where fist and kicks can break their hips, but words will never hurt them.

And Finally… John Cena and Roman Reigns

Since becoming a free agent and beating Corbin at Summer Slam, Cena came to RAW to address Reigns as him being the next marketing tool to potential replace him.  After some heated words between the two, Cena said he blames Reigns for why he’s still in the WWE as he says, “...Because you can’t do your job.”  In which he means get over as a babyface.

This week, Reigns responded with Cena being too slow in the ring when he faced Jason Jordan.  Cena threatened Reigns by being the respect out of him, but when prompted to do it he became a statue, leaving Reigns to reply “That’s why I don’t respect you.”

This match can possible be one of the most mediocre ones to date, but still entertaining as the two biggest names fight to prove who is the “It” guy in the business.  As the weeks leading to No Mercy shorten, you can feel that this is becoming more personal than scripted.

What are some feuds you’re looking forward to, or would like to see.  Leave your comments below, No Mercy will be live September 24 and Hell in a Cell will be live October 8 on Pay-Per-View and on the WWE Network.

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